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Click here for a list of upcoming retreats. Many retreats are held at Blue Cliff Monastery, the directions to get there are below.

Blue Cliff Monastery

Web site:

Email: office at bluecliffmonastery dot org

3 Hotel Road (now known as 3 Mindfulness Rd)

Pine Bush, New York 12566

Tel: (845) 733-5653/49

Fax: 845-733-4300


You need to register with them to let them know you are coming.  Just send an email or call them.

How to get there from Toronto:


By bus:

Costs:  $183 USD (Neon Bus or  regular Greyhound)

+ $23.50 for train (roundtrip off-peak ticket)

+ [$30-$40 for taxi (one way)]  OR [$15 (one way) the monastics can pick you up before 6pm]


Total roundtrip cost (Approximate, with monastic pickup):

$236.50 USD (Click here to convert to CAD)


Total roundtrip cost (Approximate, with taxi):

$286.50 USD



There is a new Neon bus that goes from Toronto to New York Penn Station, it is much nicer than a regular bus and has very few stops.  Once you get to New York, take the tew Jersey transit train ( to Middletown, New York (not to be confused with Middletown, New Jersey!).  Alternatively you can take the Short Line bus.  If you are arriving on a Friday before 6pm, the monastics can pick you up if you email them at "office at bluecliffmonastery dot org" and ask.  Otherwise, call Pine Bush taxi at 845-647-6868 the day before to arrange pickup.


By train:

Cost:  $233 CAD + $23.50 for train + $30-$40 for taxi.  You can get a ticket from ViaRail from Toronto to New York City.  From the NYC Train Station, just hop on a transfer to Middletown, NEW YORK (make sure it's NY).  If you arrive on the arrival day, the monastics can pick you up from the Middletown Train Station, granted it's before 6:00 p.m.  Otherwise you can call a taxi which will cost somewhere around $50 USD.



By plane:

Roundtrip cost: highly dependent on time of year.  High mark: $750 + $23.50 for train + $30-$40 for taxi


Here is a map to help with driving/taxi:


And a closer view: