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Email List Communication Guidelines

The sangha email list ( is for announcements about the following:


  • Our sangha events

  • Community events we are participating in as a sangha

  • Announcements related to the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh and Plum Village.


We maintain this focus to ensure messages are useful to our members and to avoid possible confusion about what is and what's not a sangha event.



Signing Up to the Email List

You must sign up in person by attending at least one meditation session and writing down your name and email address.



Sharing Announcements Outside the Defined Scope

If you would like to convey something of interest outside the above scope, such as announcing a community event that you are participating in, or a cause that you believe in, you are invited to post to the group TPT Greater Community News.


You can sign up to send and receive such messages here:!forum/tpt-community-news

Just click the "Join group" button.


Sharing About Our Practice

We can share questions or observations about our personal practice during the dharma sharing part of weekly sangha practice.

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