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Mindfulness in Daily Life


We can meditate not only when we sit and walk, but also throughout the day. Whenever we are aware of our bodies, our feelings, our thinking, that is a moment of mindfulness, a moment in which we can touch life deeply.


As we develop our mindfulness, we also develop our concentration and our insight. Our understanding grows and so does our love, compassion, peace and joy.


What is mindfulness?


Mindfulness is remembering to come back to the present moment and being truly present with those around us and with what we are doing.


Life is available only in the present moment. By training ourselves to live deeply each moment of daily life, we are able to cultivate peace, joy, love and understanding, and to facilitate transformation and healing.


Happiness and Suffering


Our mind is a garden and we are the gardeners. In our mind are the seeds of all our thoughts and feelings. Our practice is to water the seeds that lead to happiness and to avoid watering the seeds that lead to suffering.


By observing our mind and body, we discover which experiences lead us towards happiness and which ones lead to suffering. With this awareness, we will naturally make choices that lead us towards happiness and away from suffering.


The Art of Mindful Living


The teachings provide us with tools and guidelines to help us find our way, but there is no right and wrong. We are the masters of our own practice. It’s good to experiment to see what works best for you. This is the “art of mindful living”. 

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